A Portfolio of Black or White Photography by Kevin Callahan

A black and white photograph of a flowing riverRiver Flows

Kevin Callahan is a lifelong photographer from Ohio. In his current practice, Kevin produces black or white photography, with a portfolio that spans traditional black and white imagery with digitally processed photos and abstract views of the world around the artist. 

A photo of ferns taken with a blurred effectSoft Ferns


I like the amount of variation that’s present and visible in Kevin’s photography. In some series, the artist produces rich, sepia-toned or pure black and white photos that remind me of work by L.M. Braun. These photos, without colour, give the viewer the ability to focus more intently on details -- the contours and shapes of a face, or the inner workings of a piece of machinery or a vehicle.

A screen capture of Kevin Callahan's art portfolio websitewww.blackorwhitephotography.com

In his abstract and coloured photos Kevin channels Joeann Edmonds Matthew and Adam Mayster, at times kicking up the saturation and at times leaning more into pastel tones or textures. In his Architectural gallery, for example, Kevin invites the viewer to examine the components that make up buildings and landmarks by punching up the colour and leaving certain areas desaturated.

A photo of an art installation on top of a roofMusic Man

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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