The Oil and Watercolour Portfolio of Betty Ann Medeiros

A painting of a young man fishing in a lakeFishing in the Shade, oil on canvas

Betty Ann Medeiros is an artist from Danbury, Connecticut. In her art practice, Betty paints in oil and watercolour, building remarkably detailed figurative works depicting human and animal subjects, as well as landscapes and still life. 

A painting of trees in a snowy fieldWinter on Wanzer Hill, New Fairfield, CT, oil on canvas


I love the realism and the level of detail in Betty’s artworks. The artist’s hand leaves a delicate, painterly touch, with each work combining blended elements, figurative poses, and lush fabrics and textures that hearken to classical paintings of biblical or mythological subject matter. The artist’s oil paintings have a wonderful sense of drama about them, fostered by the way that Betty utilizes lighting to its utmost potential. 

A screen capture of the front page of Betty Ann Medeiros' art


The artist’s watercolour paintings are equally impressive. Here the mood of the paintings is lighter, more subdued, but Betty still packs a stunning amount of detail and textural realism into each work, using a medium that tends to be much less forgiving than oil.

A watercolour painting of poppiesPoppies, watercolour

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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