The Mixed Media Art Portfolio of Randall Day

A mixed media artwork with stripes of bright colourSugar

Randall Day produces mixed media artworks with a variety of different aesthetics, often combining multiple distinct styles on the surface of a single image. The artist’s currently portfolio encompasses painting, collage, and elements of graphic design.

A mixed media artwork made of scrap materialsUntitled


Randall’s recent artworks are deeply concerned with collisions of colour and texture, the layering of form and how certain elements appear to jump out at the viewer while others sink into the background. The works have different qualities when seen up close or from far away, or from thumbnail size versus full-size photos. I like the way Randall uses fine textures, sometimes from recognizable materials, positioning them such that the viewer may form a different opinion of their nature based on how close they are, and what other materials they sit next to. 

The front page of Randall Day's art portfolio


Aside from these experimental collages, Randall also creates artwork -- such as logos and sticker designs -- for his band, Monogamizer. These works have a distinct look and feel, yet one can see, in their striking contrast, how they borrow from Randall’s other artistic techniques.

An abstract artwork with stripes of dark colourUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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