Architectural Installation: The Art Portfolio of Stéphane Gilot

A Minecraft reconstruction of Expo 86Reconstitution de l'Expo 87 (for In Search of Expo 67)

Stéphane Gilot is a conceptual artist based in Montreal. In his art practice, Stéphane blends performance with architectural installation and institutional critique, producing artworks that defy easy categorization, and that are often temporal, limited to the spaces and periods in which they are shown. 

An installation view of an auditorium built for an art performanceChapter 2 - L'auditorium (for Le Catalogue des futurs)


Many of the artist’s works comprise manufactured spaces that force the artist’s audience and viewers into new and interesting configurations, and create opportunities for novel interactions with an existing location. The artist frequently looks at architecture, and the ways that influences the body, or vice versa. Many of Stéphane’s works are collaborative -- the artist has been known to join forces with producers of sound, video, and performance. 

A screen capture of Stephane Gilot's art portfolio


Works like In Search of Expo 67 and Montréal délire are especially interesting, as they showcase the artist’s methods pertaining to purely digital spaces and aesthetics. There’s a sense of alternate reality in these works, the notion that our reality is more malleable than we may believe.

An installation view of a collaborative performance artworkCollision (collaboration with Sara Létourneau and Tim Brady)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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