Spiritual, Esoteric, and Introspective Art by John Keaton

An abstract painting with pastel colours and a female figureThe Understanding

John Keaton is a New York based artist, painter, and illustrator. John produces both figurative and abstract works, often taking inspiration from spiritual, esoteric, and introspective ways of thinking. 

A painting with deep purple tones and organic linesThe Lavender Moon


It’s interesting to see how John’s style varies across different media and subject matter. In his recent series See No Evil (No Ver El Mal), the artist takes on a loose, painterly approach, building both abstract and figurative images with quick, confident, and highly visible brush-marks. The artist has an eye for colour, often combining numerous different hues across the surface of a single canvas. 

The front page of John Keaton's art portfolio websiteJohn's portfolio website, www.johnkeaton.com


Elsewhere in his portfolio, John uses more detailed and delicate mark-making to create realistic imagery of a variety of subjects. Pieces like Wolf Life Cycle would be at home in a scientific textbook, while other works seem inspired by the distinct aesthetics of traditional Asian painting styles. 

A drawing of the stages of life for a wolfWolf Life Cycle

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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