Figurative and Conceptual Artworks by Tom O'Rourke

An abstract painting made in deep blue and red huesNight music, acrylic on canvas

Tom O’Rourke is an Irish painter who uses an impressionist, abstracted style to express subjects both figurative and conceptual. The artist’s works are brightly coloured with a palpable, almost vibrating sense of energy. 

A heavily abstracted painting of a jazz musicianJazzman 2, acrylic on paper


I really enjoy the colour palette that Tom employs in many of his works. Whether it’s a unified scheme of deep greens and blues like that in his series The Green Man, or warmer, earthy shades of brown and red like those in his Musician paintings, the artist has a great sense of not only how to mix vibrant, striking colours, but also how to position those colours within a greater composition for maximum impact. 

The front page of artist Tom O'Rourke's portfolio


In our previous feature of Tom’s work, we looked at how the artist often employs hazy suggestions of figures, creating works that could be interpreted as purely abstract if seen from afar, and allowing the viewer to piece together their own impressions of the subjects.

A painting of a sunset with a wild variety of coloursSundown., acrylic on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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