The Sculpture and Installation Art Portfolio of Tamara Rusnak

A photo of a sculptural artwork on a tableImagined Objects Exhibition 2018

Tamara Rusnak is a Saskatchewan artist who works frequently in sculpture and installation, using a range of materials and processes to build objects that reference and emulate natural forms. 

A photo of several artworks in an exhibitionImagined Objects Exhibition 2018


In our previous feature, we looked at Tamara’s knack for ecological installations, and building sculptures that reference and explore the unique aesthetics of nature. Unlike artists such as Troy Nickle, Tamara doesn’t solely use materials found directly in nature -- Tamara’s works often incorporate elements like paper maché and even disposable items like paper cups and boxes. 

A screen capture of Tamara Rusnak's art portfolio

In one recent project, Tamara collaborated with students from Aden Bowman Collegiate to create an outdoor installation out of discarded food packaging. The installation, shown at night, is lit up and beautiful in a way that belies its nature as a showcase of waste.

An outdoor art installation made up of discarded food containersPolar Pops and Pizza Boxes

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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