Kermes Interior Design: Arrangements by Kathi Kermes-Dixon

An entryway designed with yellow wallsArchitectural Entry

Kermes Interior Design is the brainchild of Kathi Kermes-Dixon, a designer currently based in the Palm Beaches, Florida. Kathi is trained in interior design as well as fine art, and brings a confident, cohesive aesthetic sensibility to both private and commercial spaces. 

A living room featuring red hardwood flooring and a baby grand pianoLiving Room


Interior designs by Kermes cover a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary. The designer does a great job of balancing each of the interior spaces showcased in her portfolio, with an eye toward utilizing the space without overwhelming it. Rooms are furnished and decorated with flow in mind, and while certain spaces, particularly in the Traditional gallery, are packed with furniture, the effect is always cozy rather than cluttered. 

A screen capture of the Kermes Interior Design


I like the way that Kermes Interior Design emphasizes subtle colour, as well. Browsing through the image gallery, it seems as though most designs focus around a single, simple colour palette, with warm earth tones and pleasantly muted jewel tones serving as the focal point.

An interior design for a master suite sitting areaMaster Suite Sitting Room

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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