Enigmatic Abstract Paintings by Franco Paisio

A painting with warm yellow tones and small black abstract shapesTo a Lost Summer, acrylic and oil on poly-cotton

Franco Paisio was born in Milan, Italy, and now lives and works primarily in Sydney, Australia. In his artistic practice, Franco creates enigmatic abstract paintings, combining large planes of warm, earthy colour with flashes of darkened line art. 

A study for a painting made in abstract mixed mediaStage Setting 3, mixed media on paper


Franco’s current art portfolio showcases the artist’s works on both paper and canvas. Some of the artist’s works on paper serve as sketches for later paintings, and it’s interesting to see how these sketches might evolve into their more polished final forms. In his studies, Franco incorporates mixed media and collaged elements to build up shapes and moments of colour that will later be rendered in oil. 

A screen capture of Franco Paisio's art portfolio websitewww.francopaisiostudio.com


The overall atmosphere of Franco’s paintings evokes the artwork of Georges Braque or Paul Cézanne. The colour palette heavily features deep yellows, earthy browns and muted greens, each contributing to a wizened, aged effect for the images. Though the works are non-representational, they communicate as much through the tone they evoke as through their formal qualities.

A painting with large planes of yellow and green colourMadrigal IV, acrylic and oil on cotton-duck

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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