Landscapes of New England: Painting by Kim Senior

A painting of a row of poplar trees along a roadPoplars Shelburn Farms, acrylic on canvas

Kim Senior is a Vermont-based artist who captures the landscapes of New England in paintings. The artist uses a delicate, painterly hand to render trees, dappled sunlight, rolling hills, and running water with equal care. 

A painting of a river in a thawing snowbedLamoille March Thaw, acrylic on canvas


Kim’s painting portfolio features galleries for each season. It’s interesting to be able to see paintings of a similar location in a variety of different seasons, to see the changes in the foliage, skies, and lighting. The artist’s paintings demonstrate not only an eye for realistic detail, but a genuine love for the landscapes that they depict. 

A screen capture of Kim Senior's painting portfolio


I really love the mood that Kim develops in her Gardens series. These paintings present a more close-up view than many of the artist’s other landscapes. Accordingly, the artist takes the opportunity to focus in on the way that sunlight interacts with individual flower petals, and to develop the textures of foliage and man-made materials.

A painting of a poppies in a public gardenPoppies on 42nd, acrylic on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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