Sharp Details and Lighting: Photography by Robert W. Easton

A photo of a brightly painted side of a buildingGranny Smith

Robert W. Easton began his artistic career as an army photographer, and later moved into  photography as a creative pursuit. The images in the artist’s current portfolio cross a wide range of subjects and styles, while maintaining a focus on sharp details and lighting.

A photo of bright green scaffolding in front of a buildingPreservation!

I really enjoy Robert’s colourful photographs of architecture and man-made objects. These photographs showcase locations from Cuba to Rhode Island, and it’s interesting to be able to see how architectural styles and tropes are different and yet very similar at times. We saw this in our previous feature of Robert’s architectural views.

The front page of Robert W. Easton's photography portfolio


Recently, Robert has been turning a photographic lense to texture, capturing mottled, rough surfaces of sculptures as well as apparently layering textures over different images to create a kind of double-exposure effect. The images in this series have a slightly more sombre, mysterious quality about them than some of the artist’s other photos, and the complexities of these textures serve to draw the viewer in.

A photo of two sculpted headsLa Reina y Su Sirviente

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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