Desire for Discovery: The Art of Melissa A. Owoc

A photo of moss-covered trees in a forest[Wood] Cathedral Grove -- Bear Spirit

Melissa A. Owoc’s artistic practice is born of a desire for discovery, both personal and external. In paintings and photographs, the artist explores the environment around her through a lightly spiritual, introspective eye. 

A photo of still water with floating plants[Water] Depth of Stillness


The artist’s photographs offer an interesting combination of straightforward, unedited imagery, and shots that have been deliberately altered into a more abstract aesthetic. The majority of Melissa’s photographs feature water and seascapes, and each one seems like a self-contained experiment into the way light and shadow interact with the flow of running water or the rush of waves against the beach. 

A screen capture of Melissa A. Owoc's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Melissa's art portfolio website


As we saw in our previous feature of Melissa’s work with introspective travels, Melissa’s paintings often take on a meditative aesthetic. The artist’s traditional works are abstract, and often focus on building up texture and suggestions of figure within a unified colour palette. There’s a sense that these are unplanned yet produced with a slow and careful hand, attuned to the balance of each canvas.

A photo of churning water[Water] Ocean's Contrast

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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