Jagged, Energetic Drawings by Joey Feldman

A portrait of a person in sunglasses with wild hairgarciahirez

Joey Feldman is a Los Angeles-based illustrator who produces jagged, energetic drawings and paintings on both a personal and commercial basis. The artist’s portfolio includes creative work, portraits, and editorial illustrations. 

A cartoon of Donald Trump as a Nazitrumpler


I really like Joey’s distinctive style, and how consistently he maintains it across such a wide range of subject matter. There’s something almost violent about the artist’s frantic line work and splattery application of colour, the latter of which is highly saturated but applied with a randomness that almost calls to mind Cy Twombly. I think this style is particularly well applied in Joey’s editorial illustrations, where the distorted, often monstrous appearance of the artist’s figures is exploited for full effect, lending to the fear and violence underpinning the current political landscape. 

A screen capture of Joey Feldman's art portfolio websitewww.joeyfeldman.com


In his mixed media artworks, Joey lets his creativity take full control. The images in this gallery are perhaps the most intricate in the artist’s current oeuvre, evoking imaginary monsters and dreamlike, surreal boogeymen.

An illustration of a bizarre seven-headed monsterthe 7 head committee, mixed media on archival 140lb 100% cotton paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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