Bizarre and Provocative: The Art of David Faulk

An artwork made by painting on a found photo of the evergladesSSSSH!, acrylic paint on found photo, mounted on white plastic

David Faulk’s artistic practice covers painting, mixed media, and costume-based sculpture. The artist takes a humorous, sometimes bizarre and provocative approach to his works, combining cartoonish figuration with surrealist narratives and occasionally dark concepts. 

An artwork with the cartoon character Nancy painted on a found photoThe Nancy Tongue, acrylic paint on found photo, mounted on white plastic


The artist’s series Travel Land provides a good introduction to the overall tone of the artist’s practice. These works are darkly humorous, addressing major topical issues using imagery that is appropriated from anachronistic pop culture elements and found photographs. There’s something jarring about these works and the way they combine humour and darkness in such equal measure. 

The front page of David Faulk's art portfolio


In our previous feature of David’s work, we looked at the artist’s figurative paintings of Box Chickens, and the artist’s psychedelic wearable textiles. In the latter, the artist pushes the limits of fashion, taking recognizable fashion silhouettes as a starting point, adding unexpected materials and found objects to create bright pieces that are as much sculptural artworks as they are clothing.

A pair of gloves made with a variety of plastic objectsRed Gloves

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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