Wildly Colourful Landscapes: The Art of Marty Husted

A painting of a vibrant landscape with blue coloursVibrant Renewal, acrylic and mixed media on gallery-wrapped canvas

Marty Husted is a painter and mixed media artist currently based in Columbus, Ohio. The artist’s current portfolio covers abstraction, plein air painting, and imaginative, wildly colourful landscapes

An abstract painting with primarily blue tonesDancing on the Edge, mixed media


I love the layered, complex appearance of Marty’s paintings -- whether it’s abstract shapes or mottled, vibrantly hued tree trunks and foliage, there’s a sense of something deeper hidden just below the surface of each painting. Marty’s recent abstract paintings are wonderfully complex, with brush marks, shapes, and moments of colour spinning across the canvas in a way that draws the viewer’s eye along a dynamic path. Though these works are abstract there’s still a sense of something going on just beyond what’s visible; some deeper meaning or machination to the image.

A screen capture of Marty Husted's art portfolio websitewww.martyhusted.com


In her plein air oil paintings, Marty takes a slightly more traditional approach to painting, building images that are still colourful, but use a palette that’s slightly more true-to-life. There’s a sharpness to the artist’s brush marks that adds a sense of dynamism to even the most idyllic pastoral scenes.

An oil painting of flowers in a fieldField of Lilies, oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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