The Portfolio of Music Producer, DJ, and Journalist Robert Shea

The cover of a book of collected articles from Discotext MagazineDiscotext Magazine: Vancouver Club Culture & the History of EDM 1988 - 1990, self-published book

Robert Shea is a Montreal-based music producer, DJ, and journalist. Robert’s current portfolio features examples of both writing and music, all imbued with a sense of appreciation for a wide variety of music. 

A scanned page from a magazine write up about a techno producerA write-up about Eat Static


Throughout his career, Robert has worked on all sides of the music industry, from promotion and documentary coverage, to video production, to music-making. The artist has produced two full-length releases as well as an EP, all of which are currently available on iTunes and Spotify. As we discussed in our previous feature of Robert’s concerts, recordings, and publications, Robert’s music is mostly electronic, with elements of downtempo, chill lounge, and world music genres. 

The front page of Robert Shea's art portfolio


The nature of music production and coverage means that much of Robert’s body of work has been collaborative. Whether it’s co-hosting a radio show, co-writing a song or track, or coordinating events with other DJs and producers, the artist is always working together with other music lovers.

A photo of Robert Shea during a DJ setDJ at Mars

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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