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An artwork consisting of dampened watercolour shavings on paperStudio Weather I, February 15, 2017, watercolour shavings, ingress studio water, graphite on Rives BFK

Cameron McLellan is a Vancouver-based artist who works primarily in painting, drawing, and mixed media. The artist’s works addresses man-made materials and architecture, and the ways in which constructed spaces interact with weather and the natural environment. 

A minimalist artwork made with a point of watercolour on paperStudio Weather 7, March 28, 2017, watercolour shavings, ingress studio water, graphite on Rives BFK


I’m really enjoying the works in Cameron’s recent series Studio Weather. In these works, the artist applied dry watercolour shavings to paper then left the paper on the floor of his studio during different weather patterns, allowing ingress water (from rain, humidity, condensation, and various other weather-related causes) to dampen the watercolour shavings and create moments of bright pigment on the neutral-hued paper. The resulting works are delicate and seem to emulate, through a certain fragility of form, the changeable nature of weather patterns and their effect on studio air. 

The front page of Cameron McLellan's art portfolio


Another recent series, Sealed Units, takes advantage of the unique architectural features of Vancouver heritage homes, using heritage pigments injected into sealed windows to create a series of almost monochromatic paintings reminiscent of Mark Rothko.

A window pane with black and green paintSealed Unit (Vancouver Green), acrylic, glass, silicone, aluminum

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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