Pet and Person Portraits by John Langeveld

A black and white portrait of a girlUntitled

John Langeveld is a Calgary-based artist who specializes in portraiture. The artist’s current portfolio features both pet and person portraits, both black and white sketches and polished, full-colour paintings. 

A portrait of a dog in the back seat of a convertibleUntitled


I like the consistency of style in which John renders his subjects. The artist specializes in portraits of young children, and the slightly softened, rough-edged approach that he takes seems fitting to capture the temporal, fast-moving nature of early childhood. I like the way that John focuses his attention on his subjects’ expressions, giving the viewer an impression of the personality behind the face, foremost. 

A screen capture of the front page of John Langeveld's art portfolio


John also produces pet portraits, using colour applied with light texturing to bring a realistic sense of life and movement to family dogs and other animals. Looking at these pet portraits one gets a sense of the mutual love between the pets and their owners.

A portrait of a dogUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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