The Art Portfolio of Zara Spence

A drawing of a character from a fantasy seriesNight King Slayer

Zara Spence is an artist who creates portraits and other custom artwork on a commission basis. The artist’s style is cartoonish, allowing the artist to capture and exaggerate recognizable characteristics of her subjects to great effect. 

A drawing of a couple with two golden retrieversGift


I really enjoy the way Zara composes her images. Some recent works of the artists take on a kind of emblematic aesthetic, with a central figure and a text banner positioned in the centre of a negative space. These make great pop-culture tributes and portraits, and it’s easy to imagine them as striking tattoos, as well. The artist’s use of bright colours and figures with exaggerated eyes and facial features makes me think of work by Megan Majewski.

A screen capture of Zara Spence's art portfolio


In some recent works, Zara shows off her skill for realistic drawing, as well, with pet portraits that capture the soft texture of a cat or dog’s fur in exquisite detail. Here the artist renders backgrounds but leaves the edges of the image unfinished, perfectly balancing realism with a love for hand-drawn aesthetics.

A realistic drawing of a catCat portrait

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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