Lush Abstract Images: The Art of Donna Bruni

A painting composed of cool blue and grey coloursWalking on Water Series, #2, oil on canvas

Donna Bruni is a painter who works primarily in oil, building lush abstract images with a focus on a single base hue. In her paintings, Donna layers shades and tints to create volume and the suggestion of vast seascapes or cloudy expanses of sky. 

An abstract image suggesting a dock floating on still waterFloating Dock, oil on canvas

The artist often paints on a large scale, with planes of a single colour sometimes taking up a space several feet wide on the canvas surface. Up close, I imagine that it’s easy to get lost in these immense poetic landscapes. Donna’s abstraction is inspired by nature, and she takes a poetic approach to image-making, focusing on building up an impression of a place, space, or particular moment in time. Looking into the fine details of Donna’s painting is almost like recalling a distant memory. 

A screen capture of Donna Bruni's art portfolio

Donna’s recent paintings are centered mostly on deep blue and cool tones, creating an atmosphere of calm and slight distance. Outside of her personal practice, Donna also leads workshops to teach artists of all ages about working in abstraction and painting from nature.

An abstract painting made up of pale and white huesSummer Storm, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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