Artist Portfolio: Colleen Wiley

Watercolour painting of buttons


"Tanisha's Picks"


"I make still life paintings with a mixed media approach. I am drawn to old, unique objects that have a personality of their own. I enjoy putting them together to create an interesting composition using a narrative approach. I work with watercolor, along with pastels, charcoal, pen, and image transfer techniques to add depth to my pieces. Using a mixed-media approach adds texture and color to my work. Most of my work is done in a representational or tromp l’oeil style. I currently am working on a series of tromp l’oeil paintings that focus on different periods of my life, such as my childhood, my wedding, and the birth of my son." - Colleen Wiley

You can view more of Colleen Wiley's artist portfolio here:

Pastel drawing of small objects
"Sam's Picks"

Pastel drawing of buttons and small sandals
"Julie's Picks"

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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