Photos with Embroidery: Art by Natalie Ciccoricco

A photo of a house in San Franciso with embroidery threadPine, embroidery on found image

Natalie Ciccoricco is a Dutch artist who works in innovative collage techniques, blending found photos with embroidery techniques. The artist also creates graphic illustrations inspired by dreams, nature, literature, and other personal interests. 

A found photograph with a circle of embroideryCome on In, Embroidery on found image


Ciccoricco’s recent project Down the Colour Hole puts an interesting spin on traditional collage techniques. In these works, the artist uses embroidery thread in the colour palette of the image, creating an embroidered spiral that looks like a rift in the very fabric of the place, building, or object that the photo depicts. It’s interesting to be able to see these “colour wheels” in the context where the colours are applied -- one almost wonders whether the photo inspired the embroidered wheel, or vice versa.


Ciccoricco’s illustrations offer a slightly more whimsical take on the artist’s surroundings and various objects of interest. Whether it’s household objects, architecture, animals, or food, the artist captures her subjects in a kind of cute, relentlessly hopeful illustrative style.

An illustration of a desert plantUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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