Artist Website: Catherine Hart

stained glass artwork with swirling lines
"Swimming Upstream"



"As an artisan I like to create visually elegant and original glass designs.  After many years working in print, I began applying my design strengths to the glass medium, apprenticing for two years alongside an established stained glass professional. Here I assisted with original works, custom commissions and restoration projects in both lead and copper foil.

Setting up my own studio in 2010­­ has enabled me to have the freedom to continue to explore and refine my individual style. Working largely on private commissions for windows and artwork, I enjoy designing and producing pieces that balance beauty and functionality. The natural environment strongly influences my work, and I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and combining glass with recycled materials." - Catherine Hart


To see more of Catherine Hart's glass artworks visit her artist website:


Red stained glass artwork with a hole in the centre
"Room with a View"


blue stained glass artwork with flowers in the middle


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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