Stylized Scenes: The Art of Dianne Falzon

A painting of numerous figures on a beachA Lovely Day for a Paddle in the Pacific Ocean


Dianne Falzon is an Australian artist with a background in craft -- jewelry and wearable artworks form part of the artist’s practice, alongside acrylic painting. In her current practice, Dianne uses thick, saturated layers of paint to express stylized scenes of wildlife and human figures. 

A painting of a flock of seagullsThe Seagulls


I like the loose, gestural quality of Dianne’s paintings, and the way that the artist embraces vivid, highly saturated hues. The artist’s current portfolio features paintings of beaches populated with swimsuit-clad revellers, as well as portraits and studies of birds that call the same beaches home. Looking at some of these works, I’m reminded of Penny Prior, in the way that Dianne seeks to capture a bright, beachy tone rather than the precise details of her subjects. 

A screen capture of Dianne Falzon's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Dianne's art portfolio website


In large paintings of multiple subjects the artist shows off a painting style that leans almost into pointillism, recalling the densely peopled scenes that Georges Seraut was famous for.

A painting of a beach scene with numerous figuresUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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