Human and Animal Figures: The Bronze Sculpture of Roy Paul Madsen

A bronze sculpture of a sparrow perched on a human handNot a Sparrow Falls, bronze

Roy Paul Madsen is an accomplished American sculptor who works in a realist style, producing works of art that capture the fine features of human and animal figures. The artist works primarily in bronze, rendering his subjects with a regal and appropriately “statuesque” air. 

A bronze statue of shakespeareShakespeare, bronze


Roy’s sculptures do a beautiful job of taking advantage of the bronze medium, capitalizing on the warmth, earthy tones that the metal takes on as well as the subdued shine and textural possibilities. The artist’s portraits capture not only the features, but distinct expressions and personalities of his subjects. Roy’s portrait of William Shakespeare, commissioned for the foyer of the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, California. The sculpture captures a sense of playful intelligence in its subject that underpins the tone of the playwright’s works. 

A screen capture of Roy Paul Madsen's art portfolio


In his wildlife sculptures, Roy uses his expertise to render carefully the fur and feathers of each subject, emphasizing a delicate interplay between the hard, smooth bronze and the idea of the movement and softness of delicate fur. These works also remind me of pieces by Jason Shanaman.

A bronze sculpture of a condor with its wings spreadCondor's Roost, bronze

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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