A Portfolio of Dense Mixed-Media Abstraction by Mohab Elghaffar

An abstracted artwork with an ancient Egyptian-style figureUntitled

Mohab Elghaffar creates paintings that are inspired by the mythology and culture of ancient Egypt. The artist disseminates this inspiration through a lense of layered, dense mixed media abstraction, producing paintings that suggest a multitude of possible interpretations. 

An abstract artwork with splashes of colourUntitled


We looked at Mohab’s intense abstract compositions and the way the artist uses saturated colours and mixed media elements to evoke a sense of depth and impact. I really enjoy the way the artist’s most recent paintings hint at figures in the way that planes of colour are lined and layered over top one another. In some pieces, patches of negative space take on an almost human-like appearance.

A screen capture of Mohab Elghaffar's art websitewww.moelghaffarart.com


Mohab also works in printmaking, using lithography to create abstractions with a strikingly different aesthetic. These works take on an almost monochromatic appearance, one that’s broken by the injection of heavy black intersecting lines, creating an almost animal-like pattern.

A lithograph print with a dark backgroundUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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