Delicately Monumental: The Art Portfolio of Jayne Crawford

A painting of a landscape with leafless treesTrinity Cormorants, oil on canvas

Jayne Crawford is an artist who draws inspiration from nature and spirituality. In her practice, the artist creates delicately monumental landscape paintings, often focusing on a single plant or other natural focal point. 

A pastel drawing of lush flowersFLOWERS, oil pastel on archival paper


It’s interesting to browse through Jayne’s portfolio and see the differences in the artist’s landscape paintings and drawings versus her work with religious imagery. Though the religious imagery is often more overt, I find there’s something undeniably spiritual about the way the artist depicts nature, as well. Jayne's use of bright, overhead sunlight and the way she renders it gleaming on each individual leaf of a plant seems very reverent, as does the lush pigments she chooses even for barren branches.

The front page of Jayne Crawford's art portfolio


Jayne’s drawings are soft, gestural meditations that feel smaller than her more formal landscapes, despite often encompassing similar views. A snowy day is perfectly rendered in a few smudges of charcoal and chalk on warm raw paper, for example.

A drawing of a black dog in a snowy landscapeDaisy in the snow

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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