Indoor and Outdoor: Painting by Melissa Kenyon McIntyre

A stylized painting of a chair and a tableChair and Table

Melissa Kenyon McIntyre is an artist based in New Mexico. In her practice, Melissa works in a range of mixed media, from traditional acrylic paint to more inventive applications of household construction materials. The artist’s works are often inspired by her surrounding environment, indoor and outdoor

A painting of a house under a flowering treeGrafton, acrylic on masonite


Melissa’s landscape paintings do a beautiful job of capturing the scale of outdoor spaces, even when the focus is on a relatively small area -- a single property or a building perched under a tree. The artist’s graphic, high-contrast style of painting reminds me of work by Cecilia Lea, who captures the BC landscape with a similar hand. 

The front page of Melissa Kenyon McIntyre's art websiteThe front page of Melissa's art website


In her recent practice, Melissa has produced a series of miniature acrylic paintings, depicting everything from style-life, to domestic scenes, to landscapes, to architecture. I quite enjoy the way that the small scale of these paintings brings about a different focus -- at such a scale, the texture of paint and canvas becomes much more present than in might be in a larger painting, and the work takes on a kind of rustic, welcoming aesthetic by embracing the rough fibre pattern of the substrate.

An acrylic painting of antique potsGran's Pots

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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