Artist Website: Carly Jaye Smith

Painting of woman's head and shoulders
"Everybody Loves Lucy"


"Carly Jaye Smith is an artist from Moose Jaw, SK. She uses an expressive portrait style with various mediums and a range of materials as her canvas. Carly enjoys turning old recyclable items along with scrap materials into something that can be appreciated by the eye and touched by the heart. Re-used frames, old serving trays, broken ceiling tiles and scrap pieces of wood are just a few items that have helped Carly define her artistic style.  Her subjects vary from influential actors and athletes to musical motivators and personal passions. She thanks the influence of her loved ones along with her own curiosity for the pieces she has created so far." -


You can peruse more of Carly Jaye Smith's portraiture on her artist website here: 

Painting of man's face


Mural image of nurse against background with text

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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