The Oil Paint Portfolio of Angelo Mariano

A vibrant oil painting of a zebraZebra, oil on panel

Angelo Mariano is a New York-based artist who works primarily in oil paint. The artist’s paintings feature bombastic, saturated hues that are perfectly suited to subjects like tropical birds and fanciful architecture. 

A painting of a duck on the waterKing of Central Park, oil on panel


I enjoy the mosaic-like, planar style in which Angelo renders many of his subjects. The artist showcases the bright pigments of his chosen medium by isolating small planes of monochromatic colour, combining, joining, and overlapping these planes to create a wonderful illusion of volume, depth, and movement. 

A screen capture of Angelo Mariano's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Angelo's art portfolio website


Angelo showcases not only completed works on his online portfolio, but also a selection of works in-progress. It’s really interesting to be able to see these works in varying states of completion, and get a glimpse into the artist’s process. The artist’s underpaintings and rough sketches are works of art in their own right, gestural and spare, with an impressionist quality.

A scene from a canal in Venice, ItalyVenezia Riflessi II

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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