A Portfolio of Pop-Culture Figures by Greg Stone

A painting of the GhostbustersWho you gonna call?

Greg Stone is a painter and illustrator who works with pop-culture figures and characters from fiction. The artist, based in Eastern Iowa, specializes in portraits of comic book heroes, musical legends, and film icons. 

A painting of a frame from Clash of the TitansClash of the Titans


I like the dramatic, bold style that Greg uses in his portraiture. The artist’s works seem to draw stylistic inspiration from their pop-culture contexts, with portraits of musicians capturing the bombast of the tunes, and images of comic book heroes and villains drawing on drama and supernatural mystique. Like Carly Jaye or Clark Filio, Greg demonstrates a great love and enthusiasm for each of his subjects, whether real or fictional. 

A screen capture of Greg Stone's art portfolio websitewww.gstoneart.com


I enjoy the way Greg composes his images -- many of these homages go a step further than straightforward portraiture, with the artist painting a complex scene and incorporating multiple characters from a given property. It’s interesting to see how characters and storylines come together to form a dynamic artistic composition.

A drawing of characters from Flash GordonFlash Gordon: Ming and Princess Aura, coloured pencils, markers

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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