The Art of Self-Taught Painter Richard Ficker

A painting with a combination of surreal figures and imageryThe Compassionate Indifference

Richard Ficker is a self-taught painter whose work features imagery of beaches, oceans, and surreal figures blending into such landscapes. The artist’s works are detailed celebrations of colour and form, each one dreamlike in a way that invites the viewer in for a closer look. 

A painting of a heron standing on a pier at sunsetRiver Sunset, oil and acrylic on canvas


I really appreciate the amount of colour and fine detail that goes into each of Richard’s artworks. The artist’s chosen set of motifs -- water, bright blue skies, and lush greenery -- demands a cool and vibrant colour palette that gives his portfolio an overall tropical aesthetic. The artist moves easily between scientific realism, as in paintings of sea creatures reminiscent of Lisa Baechtle, and surreal, psychedelic compositions that challenge the distinction between portrait and landscape painting. 

The front page of Richard Ficker's art portfolio


Many of the artist’s works, especially those in the Mermaids and Such Gallery, express an illustrative aesthetic that would be at home on the cover of a fantasy novel. It seems that each of these paintings has a story behind it, full of well-realized characters and fantastic settings.

A painting of a mermaid on a beach with various symbolic imageryUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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