A Portfolio of Art and Community Projects by Katrina Alexy

A mixed media collage with imagery of an eggWomen's Work

Katrina Alexy is a mixed media artist who produces everything from small-scale collage works to public art. Based in Los Angeles, the artist focuses her practice on community projects and the utilization of found and discarded materials. 

A collage of Franciscan tiles procured for a mosaic artworkFranciscan tiles, unused salvaged tiles diverted from landfill

I’m enjoying the works in Katrina’s gallery of mixed media and collage work. The pieces here are varied in terms of composition, colour palette, and materials, but they somehow still feel cohesive. Having grown up on a small farm, the artist frequently uses an egg shape as a motif, incorporating the smooth, distinct shape of the vessel into works both literally and in a more abstract sense. 

The front page of Katrina Alexy's art portfolio websitewww.katrinaalexy.com

Katrina’s works are frequently colourful, and this idea of celebrating agriculture and other community activities and projects plays a prominent role in her portfolio. In public arts this sense feels especially pertinent, and projects that draw on collaboration from groups of people are where Katrina’s work really shines.

A custom-designed electrical box in Pasadena, CaliforniaCity of South Pasadena, art on public utility box

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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