Portfolio Website: Abbie Weinberg

Ivory sculpture
"Emblematic Tusk I+II"


"Abbie Weinberg was inspired by art at a very early age by her mother, who also was a sculptor. She attended Goddard College and Evergreen State. After an exciting career as a jockey, she has concentrated on developing her studio arts practice. She recently was awarded honorable mention at Clay Arts Vegas, NV and has successfully participated in Topanga Canyon Gallery Artist Studio Tour, CA. Her present sculptural work consists of ceramic studies of life's mysterious reign." - Huffington Post via abbiegweinberg.com


To see more of Abbie Weinberg's art work please go to her portfolio website here: http://abbiegweinberg.com .


Sculpture made from animal horn
"Cooked Wave II"


Sculpture made from animal horn
"Cooked Wave"

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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