Propaganda and Popular Media: The Art of Dylan Humphreys

An abstract artwork with elements of textProjection, acrylic on canvas


Dylan Humphreys is an artist based in Vancouver, BC. In his practice, Dylan is a painter, illustrator, and film industry set decorator, producing works inspired as much by street art and graffiti as they are by political propaganda and popular media.

A page from a hand-drawn comic bookComeback, Page 6


It’s interesting to see how Dylan’s various inspirations come to play in different modes of art production. The artist’s comic book project Comeback draws on themes of substance abuse, mental illness, and political upheaval, weaving ideas together into an engrossing, hallucinatory narrative. Even in Dylan’s abstract works there’s a sense of narrative -- the artist frequently incorporates text, sometimes just a single word, giving the viewer both an anchor and a jumping-off point for interpretation. 

A screen capture of Dylan Humphries' art portfolio


In his work for the film industry, Dylan has created set designs for both indoor and outdoor shoots, working on huge walls of varied graffiti and tags, as well as more subtle, illusory paintings to lend texture and history to custom-built set pieces.

An abstract painting with brightly coloured letterformsabstratafeb6

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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