Installation Artworks by Koenraad Dedobbeleer

An abstract sculpture installed in a gallery spaceSurreptitious Plotting, concrete resin, copper, electrical cord, water pump

Koenraad Dedobbeleer is an artist who currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. In his practice, Dedobbeleer produces installation artworks and sculptures using a wide range of media and materials. 

A sculpture consisting of several small artefacts on a plinthThose Unabused by an Awareness, spray painted wood, spray painted metal, wood, concrete, candies, textile


I really enjoy the way Dedobbeleer titles his works -- the pieces are often visually complex, combining recognizable everyday objects and contemporary sculptural materials to create something often esoteric, with numerous avenues of possible interpretation. The artist’s titles, then, provide a poetic guide toward possible meanings, narrowing the multitude down a more manageable series of potential paths. 


Dedobbeleer’s works are as much introspective as they are political, often looking at how personal identity is influenced by economic and governmental forces. The frequent juxtaposition of heavy, cold, sculpted metal and moments of oddly fragmented everyday detritus serve to simultaneously tie the personal to the global and emphasize the separation between the two.

A sculpture consisting of several tangled lightbulbsA World that Derives Pleasure More than Anything Else, spray painted metal, electric cords, light bulbs

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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