Virtual Visual Languages: Art by Jennifer Mehigan

A wall-hanging tapestry produced with digital art

Jennifer Mehigan is a mixed media artist based in Belfast, Ireland. In her current practice, Mehigan draws on digital rendering and imaging techniques to create complex, layered artworks that draw on aesthetics from mainstream advertising and social media, as well as more avant-garde virtual visual languages

An installation view of a three-channel video

The smooth, obviously digital forms that populate many of Mehigan’s works are interesting in the way that they seem balanced between being sensual and repulsive. Many of the forms suggest other materials -- melting plastic or skin, hair, metal, various liquids -- but the artist carefully models them to emphasize ambiguity over all else. While contextually, some of these pieces remind me of works by Blake Kathryn or even Nancy Ungar, there’s an undertone of vague unease that sets Mehigan’s works apart. 


Many of the artist’s pieces, fittingly, deal with themes of anxiety and isolation, particularly in regards to social media and internet use. The abstraction in the works simultaneously negates any possibility of any easy answer, while giving the viewer the key to a personal interpretation.

An installation of several abstracted digital artworks

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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