Fantastic Favourites: Brian Joubert, Elaine Clapper, Claudette Webb

Today we’re taking a look at some of our favourite works from three different artists. These artists work in a variety of different media, each showcasing their skills and talent through striking imagery and memorable subject matter.


Brian Joubert:


Brian Joubert works out of Narrow Waters Tattoo in Kelowna, BC, producing works of attention-grabbing ink for clients. I love how colourful Brian’s work is, and the way the artist uses a combination of heavy black linework and bright, uniform planes of packed-in colour to create images that will stay bright and visible for years to come, on a variety of skin types.


An owl and lantern leg tattoo in bright primary coloursJessie's Owl and Lantern Tattoo



Elaine Clapper:


Elaine Clapper creates ceramic artworks with smooth curvature, taking the idea of form into three dimensions. Elaine’s vessels are uniquely and beautifully made, featuring glazes that combine jewel tones with rich, earthy browns and greys. There’s a pleasant weight to Elaine’s designs -- the vessels feel sturdy, like they would last a long time in one’s home or kitchen.

A plate sculpted with abstracted hydrangea plants

Hydrangea Plate



Claudette Webb:


Our final artist in this feature is Claudette Webb, an artist who specializes in realistic portraits, drawn or painted with a lovely sense of quiet dignity. The subjects of claudette’s works are mostly friends and family, and Claudette’s treatment showcases a genuine care for those portrayed.

A drawing of a young girl with blonde hair

Faith, Prismacolour coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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