Expressive Art Pieces by Painter Jeffrey Newman

A painting of a silhouetted figure in pinkaura.II, mixed media on canvas

Jeffrey Newman is a painter who works in acrylic and mixed media. The artist’s portfolio is packed with wildly colourful and expressive art pieces that occasionally incorporate elements of figure and text. 

A painting with silhouetted figures and textured linesimages.of.we, acrylic on unstretched canvas


Jeffrey’s series of recent works feels light and airy — bright yellow, blue, and pink hues as well as lots of negative space give these works a minimal aesthetic that lends to an ethereal atmosphere. The figures in these works, though sparsely rendered with just hints of outline and silhouette, seem unburdened; perhaps cheerful. 

A screen capture of Jeffrey Newman's art portfolio


Previous pieces by the artist are more dense, often using more saturated colour in larger planes, and layering colour and brush marks to build up a heavy texture that hearkens to works by David Maxim. There’s something raw and emotional about all of Jeffrey’s works, as if the artist really wears his heart on his sleeve, expressing his varying moods through paint on paper and canvas.

A painting of a skull with bright pink huessteal.your.mind, acrylic on stretched canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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