The Portfolio of Plein Air Painter Brian Buckrell

A painting of a body of water with reeds in the foregroundWeekend at the Cottage, acrylic

Brian Buckrell is a Canadian plein air painter based in both BC and Ontario. The artist’s award-winning paintings portray stunning landscapes from across Canada, with more recent works taking a slightly abstracted, impressionistic approach to the subject matter. 

A painting of a rocky shorelineAround the Point, acrylic


Brian’s works are wonderfully colourful, with the artist employing a deeply saturated, jewel-toned palette to depict rocky and forested landscapes as well as bodies of water.Stone outcroppings are rendered in shades of electric blue, while bright reds, yellows, and oranges stand next to deep greens for autumnal foliage. Somehow the paintings feel like real life, despite being imbued with colours so impossibly bright and clear that the viewer is simultaneously aware of the artifice. 

The front page of Brian Buckrell's art portfolio


Some of Brian’s recent works are painted with a palette knife rather than a traditional brush, and these hard edges and clearly delineated marks lend a contemporary sense of movement and geometry to each scene.

A painting of a country road in the sunshine7 AM to Toronto, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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