Soft and Peaceful: Painting by Gwenda Branjerdporn

An expressive painting of trees with purple leavesJacarandas 4, oil on canvas

Gwenda Branjerdporn is an artist based in Brisbane, Australia. In her portfolio, Gwenda creates expressive landscape, figure, and abstract paintings in a soft and peaceful colour palette. 

A pastel and watercolour artwork with intersecting circlesWe have peace with God, watercolour and soft pastels on watercolour paper


It’s interesting to see how Gwenda approaches traditional art in various media including watercolour and acrylic paint. The artist tends to focus on a pastel colour palette that heightens the dreamy, ethereal quality of her images, whether they’re purely abstract, or landscape-based. Some of the artist’s works are figurative, while some take a more symbolic approach. There’s an earnest quality to all of these images that makes even the most abstracted compositions feel approachable, and even familiar.

The front page of Gwenda Branjerdporn's art


Stylistically, Gwenda’s paintings veer toward a childlike, impressionist tone that always seems to convey the artist’s feelings and reactions toward a scene, rather than the specific details.

A painting of brightly coloured housesQuirky Houses, watercolour on watercolour paper with ink

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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