The Art of Graphic Designer and Concept Artist Hendrik Gericke

A mock-up frame for a paint company commercialStyle frame for Taubman's Paint TVC

Hendrik Gericke is a graphic designer and concept artist who works for a variety of commercial clients. The artist produces storyboards, illustrations, and even wall-sized installations for film and television, books, and various other businesses. 

An illustration created for the TV show The Great Australian Bake-OffDr. Pete's Tiramisu Cake (illustration created with Postproduktiv (Sydney) for the Great Australian Bake Off 2015)


It’s interesting to see how Hendrik varies his style to suit the needs and branding of different clients. In a recent cover illustration for a book, The Rushing Dark, Hendrik takes a narrative illustration approach not unlike that which the artist takes in his storyboarding drawings. Hendrik’s series of illustrations for the Great Australian Bake-Off take on a whimsical aesthetic, combining text and clever framing with painted desserts reminiscent of Joel Penkman or Kendall Hillegas

The front page of Hendrik Gericke's art and design websiteHendrik's art website,


When he’s not producing artworks for clients, Hendrik works on his own projects such as Black Star State. It’s fascinating to get to see the artist’s process in a digital format, and the framework for models and environments.

Black Star State (Vehicle MK1 Light Pass)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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