Weather Formations: The Art Portfolio of Ian Fisher

A painting of a cloud formation with purple and yellow huesAtmosphere No. 93 (Peanut Butter & Jelly Albers), oil on canvas

Ian Fisher is a painter who works primarily in oils, creating monolithic, striking portraits of weather formations. The artist’s works with clouds are arresting in their simplicity, and the artist’s singular focus makes for a beautifully cohesive current portfolio. 

A painting of a cloud on a bright blue skyAtmosphere No. 106 (Avalanche), oil on canvas


I love the way colours become a prime focal point in these works, even with a subject that one wouldn’t often think of as being wildly colourful. The artist does a beautiful job of capturing the depth of hues that make up a dramatic sunrise, sunset, or oncoming storm. Ian’s brush marks — sometimes clearly delineated and sometimes blended softly so as to completely remove any evidence of the artist’s hand — serve to enhance the tactile illusion, making it seem like these fluffy clouds exist just out of the viewer’s reach. 

The front page of Ian Fisher's art portfolio websiteIan's portfolio website,


The artist’s attention to the sky behind the clouds is equally enthralling. In works like Atmosphere No. 95 (Zip), the world of the painting seems fully fleshed out, and perhaps devoid of human figures — a peaceful cloudscape, waiting to be explored. 

A painting of a cloud formation with light breaking on the horizonAtmosphere No. 95 (Zip), oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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