Fascinating Fantasy Worlds: Art by Joeann Edmonds-Matthew

A composite digital image of a gorilla in a spaceshipG. Rilla Into Space, composite of 4 original photographs

Joeann Edmonds-Matthew is a photographer and digital artist who often works with digital techniques to combine and manipulate photos, creating glimpses into strange and fascinating fantasy worlds.

A digitally manipulated photo of a cityscape seen through an orange link fenceSanctuary City


I really appreciate the way Joeann employs colour in her photographs. Recent images like Sanctuary City take relatively mundane imagery -- in this case, a skyline seen through the orange netting or a construction site -- and amp up the colour to an otherworldly extreme, giving the viewer a unique, never-seen look at familiar objects and settings. 

A screen capture of Joeann Edmonds-Matthew's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Joeann's art portfolio website

In other images, Joeann's approach is more playful. The artist frequently used segments of two or more photos, combining them into composite images that have a surreal edge, like in RESEARCH -- Digital Playground, which depicts a gorilla wearing glasses and studying a thick book. The artist's love for experimentation is grounded in obvious skill, seen in un-manipulated photos of flowers, animals, and other subjects.

A composite photo of a gorilla doing researchRESEARCH -- Digital Playground

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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