The Art Portfolio of Wa Truong

A watercolour painting of a white lotusWhite Lotus

Wa Truong is a painter who lives just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The artist's practice is inspired by childhood years spent learning to paint in South Vietnam, and developed over the course of Truong's experiences as a war refugee in America. 

A painting of a family of ducks on the waterMallard Family


I really enjoy Truong's studied yet unique approach to traditional Chinese painting techniques. Some of Truong's most recent works feature animals, and the artist's treatment of his subjects forgoes strict realism in favour of capturing impressions -- the fierce expressions on the faces of panthers and tigers seem to say as much about the nature of the creatures as they do about the artist's own feelings and ideas.

The front page of Wa Truong's art portfolio


In our previous feature of Truong's work with subdued beauty, we addressed the artist's use of a slightly subdued colour palette -- one that adheres to traditional aesthetics, while still feeling deliberate. I like the way that the colour palette suggests a calm, slightly distanced atmosphere for each image.

A painting of a black pantherBlack Panther

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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