Artworks as Reflections: The Portfolio of Todd Scott Anderson

A painting of a meadow with green and yellow tonesMOUNTAIN MEADOW 29 M, limited edition print

Todd Scott Anderson is an artist who grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, and who now spends his time between Mexico and the United States. In his practice, Todd produces artworks as reflections of experiences and viewpoints had while travelling the world. 

A painting of a tropical plant with saturated hues on a dark backgroundTROPIC FLORA 16 T, limited edition print


Todd divides his current artistic portfolio by biosphere -- gallery titles like Tropic, Mountain, and Desert indicate not only the subject matter but the overarching tone of an artistic series. The colour palette of the artist's tropic gallery, for example, tends toward lush and vibrant blues and greens, with large, smooth leaf shapes taking over the substrates. 

A screen capture of Todd Scott Anderson's art portfolio


In our previous feature of Todd's art we looked at how the artist's use of texture mimics a sun-dappled state, and how the artist uses negative space to build striking silhouettes. I love seeing how Todd does the latter using darker backgrounds as well, building up a sense of drama in works that draw on a jungle aesthetic.

A print of a painting of prairie grassPRAIRIE GRASS 23 P, limited edition print

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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