Inside the Art Studio of Mark Flood

A photo of Mark Flood at work in his art studio


Mark Flood is an American artist, originally from Texas. In his practice, Flood is known for artworks that combine painting and printmaking techniques, often using mixed media and elements of text to produce abstract images that are dense with meaning, subtext, and humour.


Flood's studio looks delightfully chaotic in this photograph. The artist himself is pictured holding a rolled-up artwork, wearing a shirt that almost seems to reflect the aesthetic of his artworks. The space appears crammed with artworks and furniture, with every available space covered in supplies, paper, works in progress or other artistic paraphernalia. 


I really enjoy the antique-looking chandelier above the artist in this photo. It adds an almost surreal touch to the whole space, and really makes the space feel more akin to the artworks that come out of it -- just like the studio space of Cressida Campbell. The whole space has an aesthetic that suggests an abandoned house or an old mansion in the process of being repainted and renovated. 


Though Flood has been producing artworks for decades, his works were not widely collected or notable until more recently. The artist has always, however, been critical of the art world -- particularly the insulated, often privileged culture that surrounds "high art" and its collectors and creators. As a reaction or meditation on this, Flood's works often utilize lowbrow aesthetics -- punk imagery, and more recently, meme formats -- combined with philosophical and social concepts.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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