Inside the Art Studio of Cressida Campbell

A photo of painter Cressida Campbell in her studio


Cressida Campbell is an Australian artist known for artworks that combine techniques from and printmaking and that use a meticulous and rigorous process. Currently based in Bronte, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, Campbell draws artistic inspiration from her environment -- both outdoor, and the studio environment that she has developed for herself.


The artist's studio looks dreamy, even romantic in a way, with all the cut flowers arranged so beautifully on shelves. As much as I love a studio space that's messy and industrious, it's also really interesting to see a studio space that looks like a work of art in its own right. 


Like the studio of Claire Basler, Campbell's space really reflects the artist's chosen subject matter, as well. Campbell is known for works floral subject matter -- I can imagine that all of the flowers in this space would serve as both inspiration and reference. The artist's process -- which includes drawing, cutting reliefs in wood, and building prints in delicate watercolours -- is one that doesn't involve a great deal of space or machinery, but that is nonetheless laborious.


The artist's body of work is one that focuses on elevating the aesthetic qualities of a medium and subject, eschewing intentional symbolism or conceptual undertones in favour of a calculated, serene viewing experience.


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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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