From Pets to Landscapes: The Art Portfolio of Pamela Squires

A painting of a baby manatee underwaterBaby Manatee

Artist Pamela Squires has been painting everything from pets to landscapes to still life subjects for the past 40 years. Much of the artist’s current portfolio is based around sealife and marine landscapes, with deep shades of blue and green dominating the artist’s colour palette. 

A painting of a wave crashing over a white sandy beachUntitled


I like the delicately blended, gestural style of mark-making that Pamela tends to use in her artworks. The artist’s painted works are smooth, with a uniform texture and planes of colour and figure that merge beautifully into one another while maintaining recognizable detail. This style of working seems ideal for marine animals such as dolphins and manatees, and rendering the unique texture of dappled sun on flowing water. 

The front page of Pamela Squires' art

Some works in Pamela’s current portfolio look as though they were created with pastel -- another example of the artist utilizing a technique and medium that’s well-suited to a particular texture, in this case, animal fur. Paintings like Little Kitten showcase the artist’s painstaking attention to the appearance and direction of each strand of hair.

A pastel drawing of a kitten with a ball of yarnLittle Kitten

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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