Photography Portfolio: Bill Westmoreland

Distorted black and white photo of girl holding head and looking down


Photograph by Bill Westmoreland


Today we are featuring the photography portfolio of artist Bill Westmoreland. When I look at the photos of Bill Westmoreland I am struck by the posture of the subject. Despite the variety in the style of the shot the posture, or the way the subject carries their pose seems to be a significant factor. The slight incline of the head in the photo below, the forward lean of the gentlemen in the theatre and the cradled head above. 


"Bill Westmoreland has a BFA in painting and drawing, and photography, from Stephen F. Austin State University, 1974. He completed the New York University Summer Film Intensive in 1985, and received his MFA in Visual Art, with an emphasis on photography andfilmmaking,from

Vermont College of Fine Arts in 1997."


View more examples of Bill Westmoreland's portfolio here:

Photo of man's profile
Photograph by Bill Westmoreland


Photo of man sitting in a row of red seats
Photograph by Bill Westmoreland

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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